Stamping Set-4 Pcs-Celtic


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Stamping Set-4 Pcs-Celtic


Stamping Set-4 Pcs-Celtic

Product description
Add a unique Celtic pattern or border to your project. Simply connect the stamps to create a variety of designs.

Product information

  • The set includes: CR1 stamp (1), CR2 stamp (1), CR3 stamp (1) and CR4 stamp (1).
  • CR1: 4mm (5/32″) x 8mm (5/16″).
  • CR2: 4mm (5/32″) x 15mm (5/8″).
  • CR3: 10mm (3/8″) x 15mm (5/8″).
  • CR4: 11mm (7/16″) x 21mm (7/8″).
  • Marble slab recommended as work surface to get the best impression.


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