Stamping Set-4 Pcs-Circle Weave


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Stamping Set-4 Pcs-Circle Weave


This stamp set canStamping Set-4 Pcs

Circle Weavebe used to create authentic looking woven pattern on a large area. This pattern set includes 4 size stamps that can easily be used on any sized surface.

Product information

  • The set includes: CW1 stamp (1), CW2 stamp (1), CW3 stamp (1) and CW4 stamp (1).
  • CW1: 10mm (3/8″) x 10mm (3/8″).
  • CW2: 12mm (1/2″) x 12mm (1/2″).
  • CW3: 14mm (9/16″) x 14mm (9/16″).
  • CW4: 16mm (5/8″) x 16mm (5/8″).

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