Vegetable Tooling Belts Side-black


Vegetable Tooling Belts Side-black


Vegetable Tooling Belts Side-black or Crdaftman tooling Belts Side-black

large Half hides is economical for cutting belts and straps. 8-9oz only.

L3932 Craftsman Side-Black 6.99/ftCut belts for 66-70” long. 24-28sqft.

Craftsman Shoulder- Black 6.99/ft
L3930-Double 12-14ft.(can’t use for belts)
L3933-Single (Half the double size) 6-7ft

L3934 Tooling Belle-Black 4-6ft 5.99/ft.

Sold by sqft. 

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Craftsman Side-Black, Craftsman Double Shoulder-Black, Craftsman Single Shoulder-Black, Belle-Black


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