Airbrush Set-H or VL Set


Airbrush Set-H or VL Set


H Set and VL Set includes airbrush, 1 metal cup, size 3 & 5spray hands(H set), 1 & 5 spray hands(VL set), hanger, wrench, 1oz bottle assembly, 1oz storage bottles, 6 ft air hose & instruction book.

D0322 H Set Airbrush 74.95
Single action airbrush with individual air & color feeds. Use the airbrush

with spirit or thinned acrylic dyes or finishes to achieve full coverage,
straight lines, shading, or stipple effects. The H is used for many applications
including hobby, craft, chip & ding 
repair, taxidermy, ceramics,cake decorating,tanning,tattoo,etc.

D0327 VL Set Airbrush 79.95
Dual action airbrush can handle thin, medium & heavier consistency
liquids, with the interchangeable heads & needles. With a touch of your
finger you can go from a very fine line to a wide swath.
The VL can be used for many applications including hobby, craft, T-shirts,
automotive, taxidermy, ceramics, cake decorating, tanning, tattoo,etc. You
can spray dyes & finishes as well to give your projects a professional look!

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Weight 3.00 lbs

H Set, VL Set


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