Master Craftsman Tool Set


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Master Craftsman Tool Set


Master Craftsman Tool Set

Master Craftsman Tool Set Designed to the craftsman who is serious about starting
in leather craft, this set has the tools needed in any workshop. Includes stamping and hand tools used to make belts, billfolds, handbags and more. If purchased separately, these tools
worth over 185.95. But your Cost Only 169.95

M4001 Includes:
Rawhide mallet ,  #3  Edge Beveler,   Adj. swivel knife,  Rotary Punch ,
1 prong, 3/32’ Chisel,  4 prong, 3/32” Chisel,  l Edge Slicker,
Strap Cutter,  Snap-All Setter,   Nylon Folder , Skiver,  
Jewelers Rouge , Dividers,   Leather tooling & Carving Book,  Snap Blade Knife .

Stamping Tools Includes:
P215 Pear Shad, C830 camouflage, B198 Beveler,  H359 Stop,
V707 Veiner,  S722 Seeder, 
U858 Mulefoot,  A888-1 Backgrounder.
(Stamp tools may change to different tools due to the stock availability.)

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