Saddle Skirting


Saddle Skirting


Saddle Skirting. Sold by hide.

#1 Quality:
This imported saddle skirting isSuperior quality tooling leather is perfect for the saddle maker, It has excellent tooling,
embossing & molding qualities.
Perfect for making saddles, heavy belts and weightlifter belts & more.
L3711 10-12oz $209.99/ea,  20-22sqft
L3709 13-15oz $229.99/ea,  20-22sqft

#2 Quality: Economy Saddle Skirting
This imported saddle skirting is a good choice for heavy straps, weightlifting belts, shoe soles,
armor and shields. This heavy side has some scars, cuts and marks to give it character.

L3710 10-12oz $159.99,17-20sqft

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#1 quality, #2 Quality


10-12oz, 13-15oz


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