Sewing Machine-Industrial


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Sewing Machine-Industrial


Sewing Machine-Industrial

One of the coolest sewing machines everto come along. Home hobbyists, crafts peoples, preppers, etc.are discovering the value and versatility of these intriguing
sewing machines. Industrial strength machines, powered by hand. They work bestfor sewing heavier materials like denim, cordura, webbing, leather, etc. Cylinder bed and 360 degree directional feed make it possible to sew in tight spaces, like sleeves, shoes, bracelets. etc.

With heavy duty design and construction, this machine has thepower of an industrial machine but is extremely simple and hand operated. it will sew most medium to heavy leather and
materials, up to 13-15oz thick leather (1/2” thick). Arrives fullyassembled except for tow components….purchaser must installthe flywheel and thread spindle 9 each part requires t
ightening only 1 nut.

This is a great machine for an intermediate or advanced sewingmachine operator, who knows how to properly thread, adjust, and maintain an industrial-type sewing machine. Use sewing
thread from #69 to #135. It includes: Tripod base extra bobbinsspare shuttle hook, shuttle hook carrier seam ripper threadsnips threader tool 10 pack of needles, small spool if nylon minithread, extra needle chucks empty lube bottle, additional threaduptake lever 1/5lb spool of #69 black nylon thread, a couple spare screws needle chicks thread stand rod. and owner’s
maunal. Made from China.

Include: 30 needles, 6 Threades ( mixed color of #69 and #135).


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