Stamping Tools-H-Stop and J-Flower Center Styles


Stamping Tools-H-Stop and J-Flower Center Styles


Stamping Tools-H-Stop & J-Flower Center Styles

H-Stop Style:
Stop Stamps are mainly used at the end of a swivel knife cut on a floral design to enhance its appearance. They are used at the base of flower petals, leaves and many other areas to give more definition to the pattern and to create special effects.

J-Flower Center Style:
Create decorative floral border with our Flower Center Stamp or use it together with Leaf Stamps to create beautiful bouquets.

  • Size: 11.5mm (7/16″) x 11.5mm (7/16″)



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H907, H908, H359, H360, H903, H904, J815, J816, J547, J786, J520, J615, J820


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